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wanderlust 2


Go somewhere you’ve never been.”

My Mama used to revel in the joy of travel.  When I was younger she would join friends for pleasure trips to Bicol, Cebu, Hongkong, and even the Holy Land.  She would be happy showing off her pictures and re-living her experiences.  When she retired from government service and went full-time as an agent and later a unit manager for Philamlife Insurance Company, she would often go to key cities in the Philippines to attend conferences and became an expert in mixing business with pleasure on frequent travels.  When she has fully retired from her job, in the course of our sunset chats after my long day at work, she would again tell her great travel adventures over and over.

When I was in high school the longest trip I took with my Mama was to Naga City.  From Cabanatuan to Naga took all night and half a day, and by the time we got to our destination I was tired, cranky and feeling sick.  We stayed at the Ateneo de Naga dorm, and while Mama and other companions went on to visit Mayon Volcano, some of us opted to rest and sleep. Up to her twilight years she never stopped berating me for my laziness to travel more to see Mayon; she said I missed a good chance as I was already there and should have taken full advantage thereof.  I used to just smile at her comments, not really getting her point.

I used to hate long trips.  I am not a nauseous, dizzy traveler but I hate sitting it out for hours, and I was never appreciative of sights.  But after Mama’s demise, she seemed to have “transferred” to me her lust for travel, like a witch’s power transmitted to her successor.  Suddenly I was aching to go places every chance I get, and enjoy every moment seeing new things, basking in the wonders of nature, meeting new people, savoring new cuisine.  Beginning 2010, Hubby and I have resolved to take the kids somewhere we have never been at least once every year, preferably on long weekends or whenever we can get a longer time off work or school.

Now I’m a certified wanderluster, absolutely bitten by the travel bug. It is just so great to be able to travel and enjoy the rest of the world (or of the Philippines) with family, gaining more time to bond, share experiences, and have loads of fun.  Sure, packing for five can be a nightmare, but as time goes, I am slowly learning the art of travelling light.  Not only that, but our future plans and bookings (and sweet dreams) for travel have made me more focused and inspired, more frugal (because of the anticipated expenses) and more optimistic.  It is great to lay out plans and itineraries, and to actually look forward and count the days until our next tour. Try it for yourself and your family soon!


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