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Summer brings back memories both wonderful and sad, it is what I consider a season of ironies: tempering mixed emotions and merging a fusion of sentiments.  I could not face summertime without having to think about vacations we used to spend with my Mama, and all the fun, food and festivities we have shared while she was still with us.  Added to that is the fact that Mama’s birthday falls on April 23, and mine in May, and we would always find something special to do – even the simplest gathering felt the grandest with her smile.  I remember her last birthday with us, when April showers forbade a picnic out and we decided to just have a family dinner at home.  She showed up from her room braving the cool air sans her much needed oxygen tank, dressed in a flowing summer dress fit for a queen.

Mama used to tell me, moments with family are always precious…that I should always plan good travels and getaways with family because those are memories we get to treasure in our hearts.  Toys and trinkets and other such stuff would just get lost, but precious memories will remain (with pictures as well, now counting to thousands given the ease and convenience by which we take photos these days).

While she was still around, we looked forward to spending long breaks with her in Cabanatuan, and later on in Mangaldan where she stayed immediately after her retirement.  Once she moved with us here, of course, travels became rare especially so when she started needing the aid of oxygen tanks.  She would, however, still tell stories of her travels and memories in different places, owing primarily to her active career with Philamlife prior to retirement.

For some reason – and this is not surprising at all – her love of travel was passed on to me.  It has become my life mission hence, to plan getaways with my family: to go somewhere new and different at least once every year; to fill up our bank of memories the best way we could each passing year.  It is not always easy; we have three kids of school age and so many incidental expenses, needs and wants we do spend on all year long, but having a dream and carrying them out into concrete plans is already half the battle.  With the love of travel and seeing new things, meeting new people and discovering new places, I would like my kids to know that there is so much out there that they deserve to experience, that they should grow up driven and ambitious enough to learn, and discover, and live life to the fullest.

We’re living our dreams one step at a time.

I miss you, Ma, I hope you are proud of me and my wanderlust.

As long as I can I will look at this world for both of us.

As long as I can I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers,

I will pray to the stars, for both of us.” (Sascha, as posted on motivateus.com)


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