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Is there anything wrong with vanity?  I think not.  I think everyone is entitled to some degree of vanity, and in such “reasonable” levels – which I think is subjective – so as not to be narcissistic.  You can be vain without going to the extent of actually worshipping yourself, or without shunning off everyone and everything you think does not meet your beauty “standards”.

Have you noticed how some colloquial terms have evolved from being negative to becoming a positive concept? Take the word kikay, for example.  There used to be a time when this word connotes something negative: overly vain, flirtatious or even promiscuous. Not anymore.  Kikay now denotes positive concepts: beauty, reasonable vanity, a good level of consciousness for appearances.  Most of us now view being kikay as caring about how we look, wanting to look good and actually devoting some time and effort to make ourselves presentable.  And why not?  Each of us is born special and there is absolutely nothing wrong with caring for ourselves and taking steps to enhance the beauty that we already possess.

I always tell my daughters – kikays themselves at an early age – everyone is born beautiful.  Especially at this time when there are great products and practices out there to help you make yourself look good, you have no reason whatsoever to allow yourself not to look your best.  Vanity is not bad per se.  We know for a fact that in job applications for example, hiring people will check out not only the credentials of the applicant, but also his or her appearance.  Whether we admit it or don’t, most people still judge books by their covers.  It is a sad fact of life.  Which is why, a little vanity would not hurt you.

Take the case of putting on makeup.  When I was younger, I would hear people say that there is no need to put on makeup and you should not “mask” yourself with those cosmetics if you believe you are beautiful enough.  Right?  Not anymore.  Seldom will you now see women leave their homes without even just a face powder and gloss, which actually would work if you have flawless skin.  Unfortunately not all are blessed with that.

It pays to know the basics about makeup, especially express makeup application for women on the go.  Funny how many spend hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup that gives them the “natural look”, but for kikays, that is the way of the world.  Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to do that natural made-up look in a jiffy, with a winning makeup line no less?

Some will call this shameless plugging; I prefer to call it a subtle invite whilst were chatting on my comfy couch.  My cousin who is a celebrity makeup artist, a certified kikay, Au Mauricio (of Bottega Studio and Boutique, and Red Glass Photography in both Manila and LA) will be holding a makeup workshop here in Baguio on May 19 from 9 am to 5 pm at Hotel Veniz.  It’s your chance to finally learn the proper express makeup procedure for that natural look, and a beginner’s guide to sultry evening makeup (read: smoky eyes).  Limited slots available for this absolutely fab makeup party.  Workshop perks include freebies and big discounts on Pixi US™ makeup products and professional sable makeup brushes.  Now that’s kikay speak for you.  Please text or call (0922) 8212851 or e-mail mental.perk@gmail.com or zhashi_tc@yahoo.com for details.


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