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The thing with this serendipitous couch is that I get to find things, people and incidents by “fortunate chance”, and share them (or their stories) with you as a patient candidly does with his shrink (*evil grin*).  Normally my articles get prepared a few hours before deadline (no news there) and until the very moment I draft my first sentence (sans any title) I have no clue what I am going to write about (which explains why some articles you may have previously read sounded like musings pre-lucid intervals).

There are times, however, when I had known for days what I wanted to blabber about, but could not bring myself to start anything sensible about it, like Damon and Elena’s epic love story on “The Vampire Diaries”.  If it is not your first time to let your eyes gaze on this space where my column appears you probably are already too familiar with the fact that I am  hooked to TVD.  Four seasons and I have not missed a single episode.  Anyway what’s with the epic Delena “love story”?  Here goes: Elena used to be a “normal” Mystic Falls cheerleader who fell in love with a vampire, Stefan Salvatore, but started falling for his “evil” brother vampire, Damon Salvatore who has evolved into a less-evil bro as the series progressed.  It is a case of history repeats itself because more than a century ago the brothers likewise fell in love with the same girl, Katharine, who turned them into vampires.  Did I mention that Elena is Katharine’s doppelganger?  And that Elena’s “feelings” for Damon is allegedly not true but owing only to the fact (I say, theory) that Elena is sired to Damon when she turned into a vampire with Damon’s blood?  Did I mention she is now a vampire too?  Oh well.  Part of the reason I could not chat about this is that it would take so many pages for me to discuss everything to my heart’s content. Yup, I am Regina, and I am a TVD junkie.

Anyway, for someone passionately on Team Damon since Season 1, I am surprisingly NOT happy that Elena is now seeing Damon.  That is not exactly because I want Damon only for myself (fine, that’s part of the reason…) but primarily because I cheer on “unrequited” love.  Damon plays the part of the love-forlorned, angst-ridden, brokenhearted immortal to a T. His brooding face, the pain in his eyes (“I did not get the girl…”) is just perfect. Come on, most hopeless romantics are suckers for unrequited love (although sometimes interchanged with “forbidden” love but technically not so); this is the stuff great novels, famous love songs and notable quotes are made of.  Awww moments and tragic endings.  What ifs and what could have beens.  Friend zones and dead ends.

Seems I have ran out of space.  Watch out for the sequel.


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