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Another long weekend, and we’re still having gloomy weather. Sure we had short glimpses of sunshine for a good part of Saturday and Sunday, but the sudden warmth had somewhat taken its toll on my lungs.  I woke up Sunday morning with a grainy feel to my throat, signs of an impending bad cold, and a semi-killer headache (to distinguish it from a killer-killer headache or “migraine” in my book).  Not a way to start my weekend (yup weekend officially starts Sunday for me, so a long weekend for most is a normal weekend for me. HA!).  Anyway, we went to my in-laws for a birthday party. Their home is in San Luis, with a “province” feel to it, and on a clear day shows a grand view of the seashore of La Union.  I always get excited whenever we plan to spend weekends there because the atmosphere is really just so cozy I fall asleep almost instantly when my back hits the bed (or even just the couch I tell you).

Anyway, this Sunday was no exception, especially so since I was really not feeling well.  I left the kids to watch horror movies with their cousins, and amidst the chaos and screaming I tried to enjoy my current read, The Mighty Storm, a contemporary romance that makes you swoon and feel quite-high-school-giddy.  After finishing the novel (my achievement for the day), I had a nap.  I woke up half an hour later, and I thought: nothing a nap won’t cure.  I felt a bit better.

Going back to the living room I saw that the kids have started another movie, this time a Tagalog film: Four Sisters and a Wedding.  I am a huge fan of Filipino movies, mostly dramas.  To date I have in mind a number that I really want to watch but haven’t yet, and I am promising myself to watch them real soon.  They provide a nice breather, some cheap thrill, and when I do get to cry (which is often), some soul-cleansing of sorts.

Four Sisters and a Wedding is no exception.  I loved it.  I love the funny lines courtesy of Toni Gonzaga (loved her in My Amnesia Girl, too), and a good part of the movie is just really hilarious. Plus, the story really hit home.  We have 3 headstrong daughters, and given their varying attitudes, opinions and smarts, I’m afraid they will have their own differences and conflicts as they grow up, but like the movie beautifully portrays, family is family, and the ties that bind will surpass any and every trial that may come among siblings.  It warms my heart, and gives me so much hope.  So after the movie I changed my mind: laughter is still the best medicine. But sleep plus laughter? That is the real deal.


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