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the heart of summer

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Last week I could not help but laugh at the realization that there is actually a need for PAGASA’s “official declaration” that summer is here.  To date, despite the sweltering heat in the afternoons, there still is no official word so we are seemingly still in weather purgatory, neither here nor there, neither hot nor cold – and for Baguio residents and Baguio visitors, both actually.  We experience chilly cold in the mornings, humidity at high noon, and cool showers and dampness in the late afternoons.  Bipolar weather, if there is such a thing.

And yes, I am counting the days until summer is “officially” here: in my case that is only determined by our Tres Mikaelas being off from school, not having to hear my tireless voice waking them up each morning on school days.  Funny thing is (well, sometimes not funny at all…), despite doing that waking up routine for the past eight months of the academic year it seems their body clocks have not yet adjusted to waking up early and the only “alarm clock” that works is me, raising my voice, or pulling their blankets .  I could not totally blame them since I myself tend not to notice my mobile phone alarm ringing when it’s supposed to, and end up literally jumping out of bed whenever I realize I had overslept.

There is something about summer that is both magical and familiar: memories of get-togethers and parties, of first loves and broken hearts, of childhood dreams and adolescent frustrations, of experiencing worlds and “travelling” places through the wonders of summer reading.  Indeed, the notion of summer is different for many people; and although many of us may not necessarily be mindful of this season or even excited of its advent, I have a feeling each one of us does have something to look forward to every summer.

Even more ambitious than my Christmas wish list is my summer wish list.  It brings me much shame to admit, it’s already the third month of the year and I haven’t gotten through the first book I “picked up” (quotation marks needed ever since my reading world turned Kindle and there is seldom anything to “pick up”).  I have practically lost all that drama on scattered books, old dusty reads and the scent of pages. So, I resolve to remedy this reading drought when summer sets in, and to finally watch “Inception” and hundreds of other good movies I failed to see, and to do a series marathon for “Once Upon a Time” upon my eldest daughter’s request (which I need to start the soonest, as she claims she does not have anyone to share OUAT moments with…a fangurl mom can only oblige).

And of course, that wonderful beach trip (if I’m any luckier it should be beach tripssss).  That alone can be considered the heart of my every summer.  I don’t swim well nor surf, but just the chance to be near the sea, and to have a closer view once again of sunset by the beach is simply pure bliss. 


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