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(Previously on The Fangurl Diaries: Invites to the Ian Somerhalder Press Con were available as soon as 3 top Penshoppe branches opened on May 19, 10 am. They were out before 11 am.  I practically lost my chance to see Damon in the flesh.)But as I have said, I was not raised to give up a fight.  Moreover, one should never underestimate a crazy fangurl.

Twitter-stalking @iansomerhalder, @Penshoppe and @PRAsia that week was not just exciting, it was more heartbreaking for me, reading about where Ian was, what he was up to in Manila and later on in Palawan (undisclosed specific location, in case stalkers would actually schedule a summer trip to nearby resorts…again, don’t think I did not consider that option), and what his schedule would be today, tomorrow and the rest of his stay in the Philippines.  All the while I was thinking: I am missing my chance to see him.

May 22. @Penshoppe tweeted: Ian Somerhalder visits Penshoppe at the SM Mall of Asia this May 24! More details shortly.

May 22. (5 hours later). Who wants to see @iansomerhalder LIVE in person? SM Mall of Asia May 24 3 PM Atrium level in front of Penshoppe store.

At first I was just chillin’.  After all, I had two invites to the Philippine Fashion Week Penshoppe Show: IMPACT and I was (quite) sure I would get the chance to see Ian S there.  There is no need to rush to MOA and brave the probable swarm of fans.  We had guaranteed seats for PFW show so no worries (smug  mode).

May 23.  For some random reason, I came across an article promoting Ian Somerhalder’s TVD Convention on May 26, and another Ian S press conference at 10:30 that day.  In Paris.  Does that mean…I even had to check the time zone to assure myself he would still be here in time for the fashion show.  I could practically hear my heart shatter.

May 23, 12:13 am. @iansomerhalder tweeted: Packing for Europe, leaving the beautiful Philippines and its amazing people.  Thank you for everything.  See you tomorrow at 3 PM at Mall of Asia.

He was really leaving for Paris.  SEE YOU TOMORROW AT 3 PM AT MALL OF ASIA. That portion of his tweet seemed highlighted to my vision, as though directly sent to me.  As painfully expressed by Julia Roberts in my favorite scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding: the moment was indeed passing me by.

What would a crazy fangurl do?


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