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So far there have been 3 juicy diaries left on this couch for the past 4 years: there’s The Nanny Diaries, The Bolinao Diaries and The Mothersmother Diaries – not to mention loads of other confessions that will practically get a lot of space should I later on – in my twilight years – decide to come up with my autobiography.  (Pardoname, delusions of grandeur kick in whenever rainy season starts.)

And now another diary is left wide open, in full shameless glory for the world to read.

I am Regina, and I am such a fangurl. (For the confused, UrbanDic defines it as “somebody who is hopelessly obsessed with something and likes all things associated with it. Said person will always defend the object of her obsession from perceived verbal attacks even when they point out logical flaws with said object.”) Ok, let me rephrase that: I am a fangurl of the first degree. OA naman the second part ng definition, and omit “hopeless” (or, maybe not).

The same day my TVD Junkie article came out in the papers exactly three weeks ago, Ian Somerhalder – the amazing Damon Salvatore of  TVD – tweeted: “See you soon Philippines!”  My fangurl heart stopped. I knew I had to see him since – well, fate has brought him closer. (Months ago I told a friend if he will be shooting, or be engaging in foundation projects in some Asian country near the Philippines I will grab the chance to see him. So imagine my glee.)

Two days later, he was on his way to Manila. I could not believe we were actually sharing the same side of the planet (yeah, I tweeted that).    I’ve always had a Twitter account (following only Ian S and Paulo Coelho) but never had any good use for it, aside from Twitter-stalking Mr. Smolderhalder.  But as soon as he reached Manila, I Twitter-stalked more than I ever Twitter-stalked, including @Penshoppe (which brought him to the Philippines as brand endorser) and @PRAsia (ad agency in charge of his Penshoppe ad, I think), to know if he had any public appearance whatsoever. I got one good info: 60 lucky fans would get to meet him at a PressCon on May 23, and one could get an invite upon purchase of P3K worth of Penshoppe stuff from their Mall of Asia, Megamall and Trinoma branches only, with only 20 invites per shop.  I read this article on May 19, a Saturday, minutes before the shops opened. Invites were out before 11 am that same day.  Don’t think I did not try. (Read: Never underestimate a crazy fangurl).

I started losing hope.  But…I was raised as a fighter.  All the way.

So did crazy this fangurl get her precious chance? Find out next week.


(*No dictionary contains the word “fanwoman”.)

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