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After a seven-hour bus ride from Baguio to Pasay, I finally met with my college BFFs at the bus terminal and we took a cab to Terminal 4, the old MIA.  It looks ok, better than the Clark (DMIA) airport actually.  Problem is, there is not much choice in restaurants and snack bars there so we had to walk to the other side of the street with our baggages (certified wanderluster that I seek to be I have yet to learn the art of packing light), as we were already starving after check-in.  We settled for Shakey’s, and over pizza and chicken, the unending tale-telling, reminiscing and laughing began – the signal of what I already expected to be a mayhem weekend we would be cherishing for the rest of our lives.  The tales were “classic”, to use the expression, and mostly involved my “adventures” and “misadventures” as I was considered the one with the most complicated life way back in college.  Nope, I will not elaborate on that – I’d rather invoke my right against self-incrimination, but of course my BFFs remember the sordid details which had to haunt me from Day 1 of our epic reunion.  Suffice it to say that lunch left me laughing, sighing, blushing and just being plain surprised at their recollection of things, and people, some of which (and whom) I have already deleted from my memory bank through selective amnesia. LOL.

The flight was a bit delayed, although thankfully none of the nightmarish events we read about.  During the flight I could not nap as I intended to, so I ended up finishing Where She Went by Gayle Forman, the sequel to the uber emo If I Stay.  I don’t have much trouble flying but as I was reading the last few chapters of the book I suddenly had this hyperventilating feeling. It is by far the most intense and yet subdued ending I have ever read.  I do not know how that is possible, but my heart literally stopped in midair, 30000 feet above the ground.  None of the action-packed-excitement kind you get from Dan Brown or David Baldacci, just the hopeless romantic kind which in my book is actually more intense. Awwww….

Uneventful landing, check!  Davao International Airport looks good and orderly enough.  We immediately boarded at taxi and went to the Domicilio Lorenzo Apartelle where we’re booked for our first night in Davao, and we were all enchanted by the charming old house which, although situated in the middle of the city, appears very cozy and simply beautiful.  Our room has a wide veranda overlooking the garden and the pool.  For P2,300 per night it was undeniably a steal.

Dinner was at Nanay Bebeng’s: a buffet feast consisting of a mixture of home-cooked meals, seafood, chicharong bulaklak, snails (I got frustrated with this one as I could not get them out of their shells), fresh greens (one variety of ar-arosep seaweeds that was my first time to see and taste), fresh fruits and sashimi.  Dear extremely gluttony-indulging buffet dinner, you had me at tuna sashimi.  We all had both food and laughter coma during dinner.  Indeed, all three of us have travelled long and far – literally and figuratively – and this get-together is so worth it.



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