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The planning started out sometime in April, as soon as my bestie Manny confirmed that he is set to come home in October.  I have to admit, the wanderluster in me started the ball rolling, although at first I was suggesting a getaway closer to home, somewhere to the tune of Thunderbird Poro Point, just an hour’s drive from my safety net of an abode.  Originally we were five UP-CAL alumni planning out the whole getaway, AB English Language majors with Student Nos. 91 –.  LOL.  Seems like only yesterday we were seated in the same class under the inspiring tutelage of Prof. Milagros Laurel, the indescribable 7 am class of Dr. Ravina, and the cappuccino-ladened sessions of Prof. Ubaldo Stecconi.  I cannot exactly remember how it ended up being a Davao – Samal Island getaway, but let’s just say there could not have been a more perfect place.

So airline bookings were made, but just for the 3 of us, Manny our bestie from down under, Jeanette our “why-so-serious” Your Honor bff, and moi.  During those times I felt like an apt travel agent confirming schedules, flights, intended itineraries and stuff.  Manny said I was good enough, and should consider that as a fallback career should lawyering be too much of a burden. LOL. (Why not???)

Days and months after countdowns, teaser posts and daydreams, THE day arrived, the 17th of October.  It wasn’t an easy time:  I have to admit Hubby, the kids and I all have separation anxiety.  It was my first time in fifteen years of togetherness to be joining a getaway with friends without even one of the Mikaelas with me.  But they all recognize the need for me time, and I appreciate that no matter how anxious they were they let me be.  It’s something I will be grateful for endlessly.  (As a prelude to: there will be more times like these. LOL)

It was my first time to board a flight from Manila, and I realized it can be quite an effort for us from the north, having to travel 6-7 hours by bus, and another couple of hours flight to our destination.  But hey, no complaints – just an observation.  Travel is love, and anything worth loving is definitely worth one’s time and effort.  It was also my first time in a long while to ride the bus alone, and I have trouble sleeping on the trip when I’m alone; thanks to gizmos and gadgetry I was able to catch up on my Beauty and the Beast (2012) TV series, and continue my reading of Where She Went (Gayle Forman, 2011) on the bus.

My two BFFs were already at the Victory Bus Station at Pasay when my bus arrived.  They had no choice but to pick me up there because I had no idea how to go to Terminal 4.  The first time I laid eyes on them I could not help but squeal.  They looked exactly the same the last time I saw them, about 3 or 4 years ago, and we still sound very much like our Diliman selves.  That moment I just knew: this will be one hell of a weekend. 




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