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PREVIOUSLY on Serendipity Couch: I shared with you a list of unique UP experiences and was on my way to the bitter realization that I missed a lot during my college years.

Let’s continue marking where applicable (don’t get your hopes up, though):

[X] Took summer classes. (In UP Baguio pa.) (YES! YES! Psych 101 under Ms. Ram)
[ ] Had a crush on a teacher. (Had a Kenny Loggins-look-alike Italian Prof in Engl 123 who made a mean cappuccino during oral defense, but for some reason, never really found any teacher appealing…)
[ ] Used your 6 allowable absences wisely. (Almost all, but not necessarily wisely.)
[ ] Had the worst schedule. (Had the best. Was never in a block!)
[X] Learned how to cram. (I majored in that.)
[X] Sold tickets for (or watch) an org-sponsored movie premiere. (Watched lang.)
[X] Slept in class. STS!!! (Even NatSci 2 ha.)
[X] Resolved to be “better this semester.” (Didn’t we all?)
[ ] Slept during a test.
[X] Looked at microfilms in the library or poked through archives.
[ ] Attended the UP Fair. (Never did. Seriously.)
[X] Went to a library other than your own college to research. (All the time! Marine Bio lib, Center for Asian Studies, many others.)
[X] Went to the infirmary. (was confined there in senior year, actually)
[X] Walked all the way to Philcoa or Katipunan from UP. (Transport strike!)
[X] Got invited or pursued by a sorority or fraternity. (Incredibly so.)
[ ] Had bonfires at SUNKEN GARDEN from dusk till dawn. (Now I’ll wonder for the rest of my life…how much fun was that!!!)
[ ] Danced at the Lantern parade. (Never attended one.)

So there. It took this long checklist to establish that I was indeed a social disaster in college. Surprisingly, I remember having so much fun back then. I had a few friends with whom I enjoyed going to the mall and to the movies (sometimes unknown or even B-movies!).

I missed classes just to stay at the Main Lib and finish non-academic books or spend hours at National Bookstore Quezon Avenue; raided Wendy’s and got my salad bar (it’s an art!) fix and iced tea overdose; and stayed on for literature/language/philo lecture series sometimes wondering what in the world I was doing there.

I really miss UP. I believe my UP education has contributed so much to my life, for so many reasons. I think the best thing I learned from UP is to not give a damn about what others think, so long as you know your conscience is clean – the glaring distinction between reputation and integrity – a lesson that’s not from any of those voluminous books.

Through it all, I remained a barbarian, a term used to call students who did not belong to any org, frat or soro. I had nothing against the majority, mind you, there were times I saw them in activities and knew they were really having the time of their lives. But in my own quiet barbaric universe, I was also having mine.

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