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Is it just me, or are you likewise experiencing post-holiday blues?

I noticed that as I grow older (and wiser, or so I would like to claim), I oftentimes experience these blues immediately after a trip, an extended vacation, and the holidays.  Well, truth is, even after weekends.

We know that the holidays are usually spent with family, loved ones and friends, marked by celebrations here and there, get-togethers, reunions and parties, late nights, hangovers, late (and super heavy) breakfasts, afternoon siestas, movie or tv series marathons, long trips and many other activities that surely made us excited and warmed our hearts.  We partied like there was no tomorrow, ate like there is no waist line or cholesterol level to worry about, and get fully entertained exchanging stories with family and friends we have not seen in a while.

After all the hoopla, however, we get this really bad hangover.  This holds true for most, whether for students or professionals, when the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school or work, or both.  It takes a whole lot of energy and effort to go on rebound mode, and go back to “normal”, whatever “normal” you need to go back to, your life as you know it.  Before you realize it, you are suddenly thrust into long working hours, office backlogs (if you were not wise enough to have worked on that before year-end), shortened rest periods (if you get any, in which case you are still lucky), early morning rush, and in my case the need for sugar rush in between these things.  It is not helping that Baguio weather we’re having lately go as low as 9.6-deg, which translates to bed weather: the lure of a cozy bed, warm sheets and moments with my good old reliable Kianne (my e-reader) supposedly, were it not for post-holiday fixing and such other duties I just need to grapple with.

But whether we want it or not, the new year is here.  Reality sets in, holidays are over.  Responsibilities await, and new challenges abound.  2013 was a beautiful year for me: lots of travel with family and friends, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, loads of precious memories and worthwhile lessons learned along the way, new books read, new characters met, stories lived and loved and experienced, and so much more.  I can whine and complain about this awful hangover, and be (overly) wistful about things we had in 2013 for some time, but like that year, it just gets really old.

Hello 2014, I am ready. 


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