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rainy day reads 2012

No sunshine for more than ten days now: my soul is drowning in gloom and I try my best to bring “my own sunshine” wherever I go.  “Sunshine” for me includes Kianne, my Kindle 4 (her full name is Kianne Somerhalder, btw), who (who?!) is always in my bag wherever I go.  It turns me quite edgy when she is not in my bag. Although I do not really get to hold her for most part of the day, sometimes never at all, it just simply keeps me sane to know she is just within my reach in case I get stuck in heavy traffic or in a long queue somewhere.

So what’s on our menu-slash-library for this season’s long, cold rainy days and nights?  Admit it, rainy days like these curled up in bed with a good old book (or e-book reader) define some heavenly moments.

If you liked the Hunger Games trilogy, then you will also like Divergent (Veronica Roth, 2011), another dystopian novel set in a world where 16-year-olds get to choose which among five factions – Candor (the honest); Erudite (the intelligent); Amity (the peaceful); Dauntless (the brave) and Abnegation (the selfless) – that is, whether they stay in the faction where they grew up, or transfer to a new one where they will undergo trainings and ‘qualifying exams’ of sorts to determine whether they are fit for that chosen faction, or will be declared ‘factionless’.  Frankly, I loved this book better than Hunger Games.  I found it more exciting.  Its sequel Insurgent (released in May of this year) is quite disappointing, but since I have bonded with protagonists Tris and Four (especially Four!) in the first book I am giving Ms. Roth a chance to redeem the trilogy in the third book, still untitled (Convergent?? Haha).

The Fault in Our Stars (John Green, 2012) is about a 16-year-old cancer-stricken girl who joined a cancer kid support group and there met a boy, likewise afflicted with the big C.  I haven’t read the book, but read rave reviews and really good quotes from it.  My eldest daughter came knocking in our room in the middle of the night when she finished reading this book…and she was crying.  I will save this for later, I am not brave enough to read it when I am on the brink of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at times like these.  But if you need a good cry ASAP, then this should be a great choice.

Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James, 2011).  I have been “hearing” about this book for months but my interest in it peaked when I heard that my übercrush hottie Ian Somerhalder is being lobbied by fans for the part of Christian Grey, the billionaire protagonist who turned out to be a knight in shining…leather (and cuffs, and belts, and chains…).  But a few chapters into the book and…NOOOO, Ian you’d rather not.  Enough said about the book (what???), if the plot strikes your fancy then go pick it up.  This is also a trilogy, and by the middle of the second book I am not sure whose problem is worse – Christian Grey’s for being who he is, Anastasia Steele’s for becoming what she has become, or mine, for moving on to the second book.  But hey, I was not raised a quitter, and now am halfway through Book 3.

Hope you enjoy good reads this rainy season.  “Laters, baby.”



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