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plunder games

One day to go and it will be the Philippine premiere of the movie “Catching Fire”, the second in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I am a huge fan of both the books and the first movie, and I am hoping the second movie is a very good adaptation as well.

For those who have not heard of this trilogy, it is a futuristic thriller set in a nation called Panem, which is divided into 12 districts and headed by a powerful and wealthy capitol and a loathsome dictator. The capitol hosts the Hunger Games, an annual event which pairs a boy and a girl, aged 12 to 18 years old, from each district, to fight to the death in an outdoor arena until only one delegate – called tribute – remains. The whole “game” is televised for the amusement of the people of Panem, especially those from the wealthy capitol.

Refreshing my memory on the highlights of Catching Fire prior to its showing gave me an  idea.  It sounds quite (?) wicked so prepared to be shocked.  Oh well, nothing probably shocks us anymore, so here goes:

It’s time to prosecute those we suspect of having committed plunder, of having robbed us of taxpayers’ money, of having abused the coffers of our nation for their personal gain, including accomplices and accessories to the crime.  Let’s take out all the survivors from the Visayas and not rebuild the place.  Instead, let us prepare a stage – an arena – and let it be the site of the “Plunder Games”.  All those convicted will be shipped, flown or better yet be required to travel by foot to the arena, where they will be pitted against one another, facing challenges that will require them to fight it out – blood, sweat, tears and all – for survival.  They will have to hunt for food, bleed for sustenance, survive in any way they can.  Let’s watch them in our TV screens, bet on them, “cheer” them on.

Wait…it gets better.  They will be required to carry a huge backpack as they play, containing the amount of their respective loot, all converted into…coins.

The “winner” – the “survivor” – will have this for the much coveted price:  he will get the loot of others, of course still in coins, and be allowed to live in that island for as long he breathes. Alone.  Filthy rich, but alone.

Wait, that sounds twisted. But not twisted enough.


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