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It’s Christmas time once again, time to draw that Christmas wish list in the hope that some Secret Santa will find it and give us everything on that list.  It’s been a while since I made a list like that, so bear with me as I share this: (1) a Samsung Smart TV (46″ D6600 Series 6 LED TV, if you want specifics); (2) an IPhone5; (3) a 5-day all-expense paid family trip to Bellarocca at Marinduque and pure unadulterated R&R time to enjoy it; (4) going home from the Bellarocca trip to find that the staff and crew of the Clean House TV show, or Extreme Home Makeover have been at our house, doing what they do best; (4) finishing all the books on my Kianne; and (5) a reply tweet from Ian Somerhalder.  There, that’s not so bad, is it?  I’m pretty easy to please.  Oh wait, there’s one more item left.

While surfing the channels on a very rare fine couch day, I came across Stan Lee’s Superhumans on the History Channel.  This is a tv show hosted by comic book superhero creator Stan Lee as he goes around the world in search of people with extraordinary physical or mental abilities. I want that on my list!  But what superhuman power should I wish for?

Should it be invisibility, so I can go anywhere I want to go sans bus fare, flight tickets and accommodation expenses?  I can also do that with the gift of flight.  Should it be mind reading?  I don’t like that; I want to get to know people and not be prejudiced at once.  That will take the mystery out of everything, and everyone.  Should it be the power to stop time?  That is relative: what would be there to enjoy if I am the only one moving?  Besides, the only reason we make so much of time (more often than not) is that we are aware we do not have enough of it.  (Although, that would be great, getting time to read all the books I want to read, and watch all the movies I want to watch.)

Have you read, or watched, Breaking Dawn 2?  There is this vampire named Zafrina, who has the power to “make her target see any illusion she wants, or nothing at all.”  That would be a great power.  We oftentimes say, in beauty pageant Q&A mode, “World peace!”, but we have no idea how to bring that about, even starting with our own community, or country.  If I had that power to show any illusion to anyone to make him or her happy and content, that would be awesome.  It is pretty much like Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised, only awesome-r, I think.  Then there would be no (feeling of) depression, sorrow, frustration, disappointment, discontent.  Still an illusion, but for that time under my spell, it would have been a great moment that will make it to everyone else’s wish list.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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