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We’re still hitting 10-deg-something chilly weather especially at night time and in the early mornings, and we’re once again given a superb reason to just curl up in bed and (apart from sleep), do what we do best on cold nights like these – read, read, read; or else, watch, watch, watch.  These are lazy activities I admit, but unless I bring food by my bedside they are still considered relatively healthier deeds than munching on junk food and stuff.

I am currently mesmerized by the new CW tv series Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, shown locally on ETC. Although it has yet to play “The First Time I Loved Forever” complete with a super romantic recital of “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” in the end by the Beast’s sweet voice, I am nonetheless glued and appreciative of the charming beast Vincent Keller.  Not that Damon Salvatore has met his match in my heart, but Vincent the ex-soldier-mutant-beast has so far become a very interesting fling.  HAHAHA.  One late evening, I even discovered full episodes streaming online at http://www.couchtuner.eu/, along with other tv series, and was just really amazed by the marvels of web technology.  Now this has made me lust after those smart TVs that are internet capable.  Oh well, someday.

However, if you are not a fan of tv and prefer reading instead, here are some really good books you can gobble up on cold nights like these:

Where We Belong (Emily Giffin, 2012).  Emily Giffin has been my “bff” since she shared with me the awesome love story of Rachel and Dex in Something Borrowed, and Ellen’s heartbreaking past in Love the One You’re With.  Bff Emily, however, took a step further with this novel, about a successful tv writer who gave away her child eighteen years before, when she got pregnant in high school and decided not to tell the father of her child, and instead gave her baby up for adoption.  Certain parts of the story felt very familiar, now I am wondering if Emily Giffin knows me or my family, and if we should sue her for royalties on taking certain parts of our lives and publishing it to be a NY Times Bestseller.  LOL. So there, I just recommended 3 books of hers that I’m sure you will enjoy whether you are a mother, a daughter, someone pining for a lost love, or just wanting to feel like a giddy teenager once again.

The End of Your Life Book Club.  This is my current read; been reading it for the past month already (longer, actually), and it’s an autobiography-memoir sharing the writer’s “book club” with his mother dying of pancreatic cancer, and finding the words they want to say to each other through analysis of books they have read, or are reading.  It’s a painful read, and I could not read it fast enough because, well, some parts are just heartbreaking and close to home.

Enjoy your cold nights, everyone.  Be it reading or watching, enjoying or getting all sad with what you read and/ or watch, it is always nice to explore new “worlds”.



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