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Over dinner last weekend – I actually could not remember how it came up – we started talking about chick flicks, light romance movies that I had the privilege to watch and enjoy.  Hubby gave his girls a weak smile, admitted he also watched “While You Were Sleeping” (“What?? I’m a fan of Sandra Bullock so I watched it…” LOL) and then rolled his eyes, and left the table as we went on with the “girls talk” on chick flicks.

The topic excited my daughters, at least my two older ones aged 14 and 11 who, more or less already have recognition of “kilig” moments: the older one being a voracious reader who even recommends good reads to me, and the younger one being, well, a KathNiel follower and a Daniel Padilla fangirl.

So we launched into a cutesy discussion of chick flicks and light romance movies that make you swoon, laugh, giddy, cry, and practically…die, chaired by the expert on the topic: me.  Starting with While You Were Sleeping about a lonely train ticket booth attendant who was mistaken as the fiancée of the guy who had an accident resulting in memory loss, and who fell in love with the supposed fiance’s older brother, then moving on to Sleepless in Seattle with the tag line “What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you?”, to Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (no. 1 on my list), then on to Ladyhawke, a classic favorite, about ill-fated lovers who could not be together because the lady turns into a hawk at daytime while the guy turns into a wolf at night.  Honorable mentions included: Before Sunrise, Pretty in Pink, Only You, Never Been Kissed, Benny and Joon, You’ve Got Mail, etc.

We decided to have a movie marathon soon.

But wait, the Mothersmother in me is asking: What am I doing?  Is it wise to be discussing these things with my daughters, to even encourage a movie marathon date to watch light romance flicks that may make them doe-eyed, giddy and heaven-forbid, hopeful of similar relationships in the future?

As far as practicable I want to shield my daughters from everything that is ugly, cruel and unpleasant in this world, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.  Sooner or later they will definitely meet hurdles in life, and the best way I can prepare them will be to show them what they are worth, build their self-esteem, work on their confidence and willpower so nothing will ever shatter them.

Other than the fun and enjoyment of watching these light romances I will be giving out a stern warning that they cannot expect relationships to be that sugar-coated, all bed-of-roses kind of thing.  Further, that they cannot expect to always find the perfect leading man, the flawless character, the impeccable knight in shining armor.  But…as I was raised, I would like them to know they are special, capable and should never settle for less than they deserve.

Now bring it on, chick flicks. 




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