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merry may

There are so many things to look forward to in May of each year. Although our country (officially) has only two seasons, if we were to have a “spring” it would be in May when lots of flowers are abloom. Ever since I moved to our wonderful city of pines, the phrase “May showers” likewise has a sweet meaning, which I equated with the transition from warm summer to laidback rainy days, further associated with bed weather, a lot of comfort food and treasured books enjoyed while under warm sheets.
The month of May likewise signifies aging, at least for me. And that’s not just because I stay under the summer sun too long enjoying getaways, beach outings and other summer activities, ergo my skin aging a bit…but more so because my mother literally took “Labor Day” to heart. (I was born the day after.) As always I made it a point not to throw some fab birthday party (i.e. I can’t cook, I don’t have a huge party place, I don’t have a nanny, it’s just not my thing). Funny thing, though, I end up with several get-togethers (technically not parties) every May.

Let’s do a rundown:

Family day. Our (extended) family makes it a point to gather for Sunday lunch every week. I call it our “Sunday Funday” BBQ, in honor of Sunday Funday alumnus Aga Muhlach, my first love (if you have an inkling what Sunday Funday was, you have a rough estimate of my age). This year, the day before my birthday, our Sunday Funday was marked with a lot of shrimps, crabs, oysters, barbecue, and of course, amusing tales, fun and laughter shared with family.

Federacion. For years now I have been part of this crazy mix of women-lawyers (ok, with – as of date – 2 honorary men-members) which we call “the federacion” (at times, ‘coven of witches’, or ‘gathering of goddesses’ – you get an idea how crazy, really). Despite our busy schedules, we do make it a point to get together every last Thursday of the month to catch up on what’s latest in our lives (and what’s up with the world, but I digress…). The federacion has 3 celebrants in May – me, J and M – and we always have special gatherings to celebrate our special day. Last year it was ‘May with Mary Kay’ (we had 2 beauty consultants and an afternoon of fun and facials). Nothing concrete planned this year yet but I was insinuating ‘May with Derek’ might be fun. LOL. But, if he’s pretty much tied up (hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right for the naughty few), we’d probably just settle with ‘Spa & Seafoods May’.

Bar Confidantes. May is also the month I get to meet my bar buddies for lunch, or dinner. Nope, they are not ‘drinking’ buddies but my flatmates when we took the bar exams eleven years ago. Two of us celebrate our birthdays in May and we also make it a point to celebrate our anniversaries as lawyers (our bar exam results came out on my birthday, year 2001).

The Firm Buddies. May is also the time I express my gratitude to Rosel and Me-An, our ever-reliable and precious secretaries at the Rondez Law Firm where I started out as an associate in 2001. It has been our tradition to meet for lunch one May afternoon for years now, to catch up on things and stuff. I miss my old office and these wonderful ladies help me reminisce our good times. Lunch with the main men of the firm usually happen in December, and I really do appreciate the fact that they never forget to invite me despite my not being part of the firm anymore for more than five years now.

So there. May is always a merry month for me, it is almost like Christmastime – as I am reminded of an existence blessed with loved ones and friends who are real treasures. This year is likewise extra special as I do not remember past birthdays when I received literally hundreds of birthday greetings through all media possible: SMS, phone calls, e-mails and of course (and with the highest number of greetings), Facebook. I really do appreciate every greeting. What can I say…technology rocks, big time.


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