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if i were a vampire

photo credits: http://api.ning.com/files/bmwXh1V7*UbqCJ3HvcUuzwlnRiaq4IGbPb3B*rcXqYGAb1FYZsXvH95ZMdffzKq0*Qsmz3iowqmC4AgMykzr*wBDIg75tATx/Vampire_by_Iridescence_art.jpg

What’s all this fuss about vampires nowadays?  Count Dracula has been the most famous vampire for more than a century now, since he was introduced by Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel.  In the ‘90s, pop culture was again fascinated by Anne Rice’s vampire novels: Queen of the Damned, Lestat, and of course the famous Vampire Chronicles, especially the Interview with the Vampire, made more popular by its testosterone-laden movie adaptation with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Antonio Banderas, among others.

But I have a wild guess that if an intensive study is made as to the status of vampires in pop culture across generations it would show that the popularity of vampirism and vampires is at its heightened best at present, no thanks to Stephenie Meyer, who penned the Twilight saga from her dream (literally, a dream she had while sleeping).  Since Twilight became a hit among teens and adults alike, many other contemporary vampire novels followed, and now we have so many vampire-themed TV shows, movies and even video games.

They are said to be immortals, living hundreds of thousands of years, endlessly walking the earth, perpetually wandering in darkness.  Of course, everything about vampires is a myth – well, as far as we know.  But just like the way we are with Santa Claus, there is that teeny weeny bit of hope some of them exist – Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, to name a select few.

If I were immortal like a vampire, what would I do?  (Of course this impression of ‘immortality’ is now negated for TVD junkies like myself, given that the tv series names several ways by which a vampire could be killed.)  But if I were a vampire living for thousands of years, I would not get that eternal ‘emo’ stance of having a lost love or being damned by unrequited love.  I would be a happy vampire, travelling across continents: one evening enjoying coffee in Paris streets, another night sitting by the lake at Central Park.  I would watch Broadway shows, and dance with the crowds in Rio.  I would find a sit near the rich and the famous on Academy Awards night (wait, I think I’d like to be at Teen Choice or MTV Awards instead).  I would chill, and be merry, and celebrate “life”.  I would read all the books I want (especially so since sleep is not necessary for vampires), and write volumes when I get inspiration to do that.  I would finally engage in journaling and scrapbooking and quilting for hours, and learn to scuba dive, reaching depths and seeing underwater wonders.  I would jump across buildings and go cliff diving, and run motorcycles at full speed.

It would have been a lot of fun; just don’t talk about my diet and sustenance.  Or maybe I can do the Robin Hood bit: I would just suck the blood out of ruthless scoundrels and corrupt politicians. Nah, I’m sure their blood would taste really terrible, so never mind. Wait, is there a vegetarian specie? I would have to consult Damon Salvatore first. Hey, a vampire can dream.


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