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(n. monotony, dullness.)

It must be the season, the long days of rain and drizzle, or just the gloomy, grey weather this morning, or the overcast skies.  It must be something to do with hormones, or maybe the (slightly) lowered sugar level in my system.  But yes, I’m coming out in the open, acknowledging that lately I am experiencing a down time, a humdrum buzz that persists on the side of my head, much like a busy fly near my ear doing its best to be noticed.  I want it swatted ASAP before it gets the better of me.

On better days, this is curable by a box (!) of chocolates, ice cream, or just a can of ice cold Coke; never mind that they go directly to my midsection.  That is a common mistake, I guess, equating a happy tummy with total happiness.  Now I know better (uhm, kind of J).

So how do we deal with days like these, without necessarily engaging in self-destructing behavior like binging?

Read an exciting book.  Excitement is relative, so choose according to what subject matter excites you.  For example, Fifty Shades of Grey may be exciting for some, but boring to others (gasp!).  Reading will allow you to travel far from the usual fanfare of your existence, and meet new “people”.

Engage in a new hobby.  I came across this online article on the perks of engaging in a new hobby or finding a new activity that will put an end (albeit temporarily, hence merely suspend) to a monotonous daily life.  It discussed how learning something new, and doing it well, will surely give a jolt to your seemingly dull day.  Lately I have been trying calligraphy, and although work gets in the way (haha) I try my best to squeeze several writing exercises into my schedule.  Find something that is both fun and useful, although just fun will definitely do.

Rummage through old picturesSome points in your life may not have been this dull, you know.  Why not go over old photographs, or even relatively new ones, but showing different scenes like travel destinations you and your family and friends have been to?  Treasured moments are no doubt a foolproof antidote to boredom. You may even find great pics for those “throwback Thursdays” thingy. Stern warning though: steer clear of photographs or mementos that may evoke bitterness or heartaches.  Which makes me wonder: haven’t you discarded those by now? LOL.

Watch something funny.  My absolute Prozac: Friends, the NBC tv show.  Next best thing: The Big Bang Theory.  Whatever works for you:  Just for Laughs, Just for Gags, Mr. Bean (really? Ok, no judgment here).

Sleep. They say a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for everything. So, if all else fails, hit the sheets.

I feel so much better now.











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