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emo country

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Sometime last week, the Filipino people have been declared as the most emotional citizens in the world, based on a poll conducted by Gallup, a world famous organization that engages in research and studies on all facets of humanity.  The poll included 150 countries, and our beloved people are shown to be experiencing most emotions – both positive and negative – on a daily basis.  At the other end of the spectrum, Singaporeans were found to have the least emotion, read: with only 36% of them claiming to have felt ANY emotion over a period of 24 hours.  (Uhm, welcome to Zombieland?)

Is this really one breaking news material? I don’t think so.  Every day, we actually see, observe, hear prima facie proof that we live in emo country.  Let us count the ways.

Telenovela junkies.  We have soap operas that take months to conclude (even with the title serving as warning, like Walang Hanggan), which we nonetheless watch despite the known (expected) elements, formulaic even: a lost parent, a lost child, explosions, villains who never die, supposedly dead characters who turn out to be alive after all but suffering from amnesia.  Telenovelas. Fantaseryes. Teleseryes.  Koreanovelas.  Name it, we have it.  We adapt it, dub it, translate it, we just simply love it.  Some of us even move our schedules around to get home in time for that drama anthology we are watching.  (I remember when I was in law school, several classmates were getting tired of lectures, and could not wait to get home in time for Esperanza – the soap that launched Juday’s career, I think.)

We not just watch, we cry a lot while watching.  Some of us not only cry, we actually wail, complete with noisy sniffling sounds.  And hey, we do not just cry for tearjerker scenes, we cry due to too much laughter in comedies as well.  (Yes, that is from experience.)

Awww.  When we hear somebody say something sweet, “awww….”.  When we hear a really romantic proposal or anecdote, “awww…”.  When we see our favorite heartthrobs on screen, “awww…”.  Pick-up lines? “Awww…” That Zoren – Carmina surprise proposal-slash-wedding? Triple “awww…”. And then we LOL and LMAO a lot.  Insanity defense is not popular here, but we already started with bipolarism, which sounds normal to me, actually.  (No offense.)

Loving reality tv showsAlthough we get mostly franchise of reality tv shows abroad, I don’t think their versions can ever be more “emo” than ours.  There always has to be some serious drama in the lives of contestants.  Heck, even contestants of variety shows cry while being interviewed, just seconds before they break out into silly dance moves as part of their talent show-off.

But we love all that drama.  We revel in it at times.  We can share a piece of our life story even to a stranger beside us on a bus.  So, let’s just bask in the glory of being the ultimate emo people.

I wonder what Singaporeans feel about this now.  But if that poll were true, they wouldn’t really care, would they?




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