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double stun

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Sometime in late July, Twitter was all abuzz (a-tweet???) with thumbnail images of Kristen Stewart hooking up with her Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders, a preview of more explosive things to come as US Weekly Magazine featured more these scandalous photos in its cover.  Some fans refused to believe the photos – up until Stewart herself came out and apologized for the “momentary indiscretion”.  Twilight fans all over the world were dumbfounded, as with Pattinson himself, who shortly thereafter was reported to have moved out of their Los Feliz lovenest.

At the onset I just want to state – for the record – that I have never been a Kristen Stewart fan.  Sure, I was a huge Twilight fan…until the plot, twists (and Damon) of The Vampire Diaries destroyed it for me, but I still do make it a point to watch all movie installments of the saga.  However, I find Stewart’s stammering and stuttering in her interviews and acceptance speeches really annoying; a far cry from the romantic sound of Pattinson’s British accent. I know it is required that Isabella Swan should look that ordinary and (quite) unattractive, just to be faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s characterization of her.  But her off-Twilight persona can be really irritating.  And then this!  Her cheating on Pattinson came as more shocking than his falling for her in the first place.

Hollywood affairs come as no biggie, but what shocks me in this scandal is all that media bashing against Kristen.  When I first heard about the affair I felt bad and could not believe she would humiliate hot Rob Patz that way, but when people started calling her ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘trampire’, and was reportedly axed from the cast of The Snow White and Huntsman (so it’s what, The Huntsman now?) I just felt awful and realized how – despite women succeeding and proving themselves worthy in politics, law, medicine, science, info tech and many other disciplines –society still maintains a double standard when it comes to women and personal relationships.  Can you still remember how Brad Pitt had an affair with Angelina Jolie in the middle of his seemingly happy marriage to Jennifer Aniston, while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Jen may have moved on, but I haven’t.  To date I still haven’t watched any Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie film (hahaha, weird but true).  Did that affect Pitt’s career? Not a dent.  Have you heard of that scandal involving Jude Law who slept with his kids’ babysitter despite a seemingly perfect relationship with Sienna Miller?  He had a string of killer film assignments after the affair.

Just recently there is that much hype about “The Mistress” and I joked around with friends that the film presents a twist: that John Lloyd is the title ‘holder’ in the film, when I realized (jumped at the realization, actually) that there is no definite word for…that, in the masculine gender.  We commonly make use of the terms “mistress” or “the other woman” but it does not seem to have an equally derogatory term in the English language.  “Lover” is not derogatory, in fact it sounds even romantic.  The “master”?  Sounds dominant, and inapplicable in all sense of the word. Ugh. All that in a Hollywood scandal. Awful.



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