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dark magic


Candle lights flickering.  Torrential rains pounding on the roof, window sills and outer walls.  Leaves and twigs swaying so heavily they are almost breaking.  Winds howling like wolves.  Might as well be a fitting introduction for a horror novel, but it happens to be one of the sweetest days I’ve had this year.

For some reason Typhoon Gener seems to have steadied himself in this side of the north, refusing to move on to where he next intends to spread his wrath.  What can we say: it’s more fun in the Philippines; even typhoons simply refuse to leave.

So here I am, spending a day with heavy rains, heavy winds, no electricity, no internet connection.  All gadgets we have in the house have low batteries, and what is left is 39% of battery on this netbook which should be more than enough to finish this piece…with the only remaining problem being how to send it in time for deadline a few hours from now.  Notwithstanding that that may be improbable, I know I have to document this experience…this wonderful moment, albeit in darkness.

I’m stuck with the tres Mikaelas, my three awesome daughters who now are having their respective personal crises of not having anything to do.  I can hear all the bickering, the whining, and in intervals the crazy laughter at something one or the other just said or did, simply because there wasn’t anything better to do.  I can hear the manangs quizzing one another and their ading about things learned in school, about meanings of words, and even about jokes heard (even pickup lines, though I have to butt in when they didn’t sound right).

We had a great lunch with whatever instant food we can find like Lucky Me pancit canton and corned beef, because they are left with the parent who cannot whisk too much magic in the kitchen.  Nonetheless it was a fun lunch with loads of laughter and stories, concluded by “dessert” – butong pakwan imported from my hometown of Cabanatuan.  After doing the dishes I decided to try my newly purchased fragrance bar (it’s a chocolate-like wax bar you melt in an oil burner, instead of putting drops of oil) – and filled the otherwise dreary air with cucumber-melon scent.  My girls told me it felt like being in a spa.

The day is turning out to be really unproductive: I think about the work waiting for me at my office desk and shudder at the thought; I think about my freelance writing projects and literally my hand itches with the need for online research.  But as fate would have it, I am resigned to the darkness, to the lack of technology, the inability to access. Nah, the day is turning out to be really amazing, and I am somewhat intoxicated with the sweet moment, enjoying it while it lasts.


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