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365 mornings

I love mornings. Sure it is quite difficult to get up with such a chilly air, and as soon as I press my mobile phone when its alarm sounds off every morning, I always wish to go back and snooze once more under the warm covers. Our room is warm and cozy, and as soon as I get to the door I feel the cold and wish it were another lazy weekend, or that the holidays are not over yet. Nonetheless, I welcome each morning as a sign that a new beginning lies ahead, that there is yet another chance, that hope beckons.

And, of course, obligations await. I call it ‘werk’. I just like the less stressful term – none of the cold, hard sound that comes with “labor”, or the impersonal, burdensome pressure that goes with “career”. ‘Werk’ is my personal term for that thing you do to keep food on the table, that activity you undertake to fund the basics, that pursuit you cannot do without no matter how you claim you detest it (well, sure, there are days), and that endeavor which keeps you feeling alive day in and day out (on weekdays at least). I have never met a person who is totally, absolutely in love with his work everytime, all the time, with no complaints whatsoever – hey, everybody is entitled to grumble and whine about work once in a while, I think that is part of being human. But it is an inevitable part of life, this thing called werking. Excuse my rambling, this is what happens when brain cells are still adjusting in between the last days of the past year and the new days of the year ahead. But how great is that! 365 mornings ahead!

I will miss 2009. I ended it with a bang, so to speak. It is like I have ticked off everything on my 2009 “bucket list”. In the last few days of 2009 I had these as great memories of the passing year: (1) Finally watched Kimmy Dora (laughed so hard I almost cried); (2) finished Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (actually, started with Book 2, The Sea of Monsters); (3) read Jessica Zafra’s Twisted 8 (“Ms. Z, we are not worthy…”); (4) caught up on the pre-hiatus episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl (shamelessly declaring my fondness for juvenile shows, what can I say, I’m a teenager caught up in an aging woman’s huge body hahaha); and most importantly, (5) had lots of fun time with my family. Ain’t life just grand?

The best thing of all is that I did not really have a 2009 “bucket list” – no such list to tick off, no inventory to check against. I just knew I was ending it good, and I look forward to good times ahead, hopefully better. But you know, sometimes, good is good enough.

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life
are something to do, something to love,
and something to hope for.”
– Joseph Addison


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  1. Tita Au says:

    I love my job! It’s the werk I hate…It’s good to look forward to mornings. I love the colours when the sun is coming up. Palibhasa “B” person, maraming mornings akong na-miss. For me, it is always a humbling experience to watch the sunrise. It means I am alive.

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