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Monthly Archive for August, 2011


Last week I received an invitation from an association of pre-law students in one of the most prestigious universities in the city. When I first read the invitation I felt both honored, and humbled. Honored, because out of the hundreds of lawyers in the city they chose to invite me – never mind that I […]

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the coven

I bask in the blessing of amazing friendships. For some reason I looked back and realized that I am, and have been blessed with so many good and pleasant people who have touched my life one way or the other. The realization probably stems from the fact that during my high school reunion a few […]

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eternal sunshine

She sits prettily in that quiet nook of hers, by the rose garden and amidst a crown of lush trees and bushes. She is holding a book, one she has read so many times before, but never tires of perusing ever so often because she simply loves it. She takes in a breathe of fresh […]

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Watching the news oftentimes gives me one reason or another to frown in frustration, or simply heave out a heavy sigh in desperation when I watch cops in action, or stagger in situations requiring their immediate action, only to see them falter and fail in what they were supposed to be doing. Watching news reports […]

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