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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

pain and glory

When my Tita Au first posted an article on the book “A Brain Wider than the Sky” (2009, Simon & Schuster) by Andrew Levy, I at first dismissed it as some dull non-fiction work about mind power, intelligence or genius (still judging the book by its cover, can’t help it). But I was egged on […]

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who are you?

There is an episode in “Glee” (S01, E018, “Laryngitis”) where semi-obsessive-compulsive-slash-narcissistic star singer Rachel Berry loses her voice and experiences a serious crisis, that is, thinking she lost herself when she is no longer able to carry a tune. (“I’m like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live.”) I am a certified semi-Gleek. “Semi” because […]

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*emote mode*

Last mothers’ day was a blast. I came home from a tiring market adventure and found gigantic handmade mothers’ day cards from my little girls, diligently crafted with glitter gel pens, cutouts and really cute stickers. One even came with a pocket containing the coupons “free kiss”, “free hugs”, “free back massage”, “free head massage”, […]

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First of all, he has to be SINCERE. He should take into heart that he is there for the sacred reason of being entrusted with my life and my future, that I am entrusting in his hands the welfare of kids, and of the elderly. Sincerity is not something acquired – in him it should […]

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