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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

math? wiz. (S01 e02)

Last February I had the privilege of sharing with you the good news of one of the wonderful mysteries in my life – passing the CSC-LMP scholarship exams even though the qualifying exams consisted mostly of Math problems, many of which I could not even recall the formulas for. Is “recall” an apt term here? […]

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(like) the end of an era

I am kind of obsessing these days. Have you heard of Kindle? It’s an e-book reader developed and launched by Amazon, that global company that specializes in online shopping and books, books, books! Kindle has the capability of displaying e-books and other digital media in slim, lightweight hardware – as thin as your Mongol #1 […]

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book – soulmate

One late night (early dawn, rather) during the Holy Week, while flicking through the channels I saw this interesting film on HBO, with the scene of a nurse entering a mental institution with a baby in a box, but changed her mind when she saw the untidy, forlorn place. It had the atmosphere of another […]

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sweet torture

My self-imposed starvation for book buying is almost coming to an end. I imposed this upon myself at the beginning of the year, effective up to the end of April (2010, of course!), to be lifted by the time I celebrate my 35th birthday. The timing could not be better – or probably worse – […]

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time out

Judging from the many articles, write-ups and blogs we see and read in all forms of (written) media and over the internet, it seems more and more people are finally acknowledging their bodies’ need for rest and relaxation. True, the economy is certainly not good, what with the rise in prices of fuel and basic […]

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