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Monthly Archive for March, 2010

bar matters

Early Monday morning news flash: 80% flunked the 2009 Bar Exams. Not such a good headline for a Monday morning, especially for those who took the exams last September. I know some of those who went through those four head-splitting, back-breaking, nerve-wracking, sanity-stealing (?!) Sundays of the bar – former students who toiled in blood, […]

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looking forward

As of this writing, our two daughters, Kayla and Gelai, Grades V and I, respectively, are taking their final exams, and looking forward to two months of vacation. Can’t blame them, as kids also experience some level of stress during the school year – stress caused by waking up early, getting ready for school 5 […]

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There is this funny saying that is very common in our culture regarding old age: “Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda.” (Only a water buffalo ages.) Of course, the older generation would claim that, and denial of one’s true age is nothing new to us. Many do not really need, or want, to deny their respective ages […]

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“what’s in your backpack?”

Last weekend, with the kids busy playing, I flicked through different channels determined to sit through a good movie, but lazy to get up and search for DVDs. Our cable tv provider has this channel called Eurosat (ES channel) which often shows really weird films – “B” movies I call them, low budgeted films often […]

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