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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

that queasy feeling

In a few days our eldest daughter, Celina Mikhaille, will be eleven. We have an eleven-year-old who will soon be turning into a teenager, then an adult. I was jolted into this reality while sitting on my couch, trying to relax but suddenly invaded with quite alarming thoughts. Kayla has a social dance on the […]

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a mother’s grief

How can you measure a mother’s tolerance? When does a mother say “enough” and mean it in every way? If you are one who is abreast with current events you are probably already aware of the capture of Jason Ivler, known as the road rage gunman who allegedly shot the son of Palace Undersecretary Renato […]

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faithful twisted minion

I have been a fan of Jessica Zafra since I first laid eyes on her first Twisted book way back 1995, courtesy of my college friend and Thursday Club alumna, Toni. (Wait, or was it Manny?) Anyway, I’m still in touch with both friends through FB (where else…) so I am reminded to post on […]

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365 mornings

I love mornings. Sure it is quite difficult to get up with such a chilly air, and as soon as I press my mobile phone when its alarm sounds off every morning, I always wish to go back and snooze once more under the warm covers. Our room is warm and cozy, and as soon […]

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madame hope, signing in

Whenever the yuletide season is upon us, we get the chance to be childlike again, and just for a few unguarded moments blurt out what we want to receive from Santa. On my part it’s a toss between an IPod Touch 32GB and one of those really light but high-powered netbooks – preferably pink. I […]

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