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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

extraordinary gifts

Every year, I have this plan to start my Christmas shopping as early as January by listing all the names of the people to whom I will give (material) gifts come the Yuletide season. The plan is perfect in my mind: I will choose several from the list every month (ideally, a fixed number monthly) […]

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athena’s gift

“THERE was joy, the remembered joy of someone who had been a reader all her life, whose world had been immeasurably enlarged by the words of others.” – Anna Quindlen One of my favourite stories about J. K. Rowling, the famed writer of the Harry Potter series, is how she was rejected by so many […]

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MY FAMILY came up with a great plan way back the beginning of this year, to raise enough funds for an out-of-town trip that would allow us to get away from our busy lives and just spend quality time with one another in a considerably far-off place. Sure we do get to travel on several […]

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After a year of waiting, countdowns and breathtaking trailers, it finally debuted on the big screen. A Twilight Saga fan that I am, I really set a New Moon date, for the girls. Not that it involved rejection and begging, the guys (a.k.a. our significant others) simply accepted the fact, and were probably very glad […]

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reality bites

These past two days I have been starting my day with depressing thoughts. Not that I have become such a pessimist (yet!), but because I have been watching Unang Hirit at the Kapuso network. Before all you Kapuso fans out there violently react, let me just clarify that. Every morning while getting our kids ready […]

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