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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

the hero

Last Sunday, Manny Pacquiao once again emerged victorious against a worthy opponent, Miguel Cotto, for the welterweight belt. It was my first time to watch Pacquiao fight on the ring. I missed those fights with De La Hoya, and with Hatton because … well, no special reason, I am just not a big fan of […]

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the nanny diaries s01 e02

PREVIOUSLY on the Nanny Diaries: I was whining and bickering about the sudden exodus of our nanny of three years. She left for All Saints’ Day weekend and did not come back as promised. Do you remember my whining and being all sentimental last week about our lost yaya? I don’t. Well, not exactly. I […]

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the nanny diaries

WE JUST bid our yaya of almost three years adieu. She never came back from her All Saints’ Day vacation although she undertook to leave by December still. I am certain many working moms will agree with me when I make this observation: sometimes we rely too much on the presence of our househelp and […]

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