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Monthly Archive for October, 2009


I remember having watched a local talk show, where the Halloween episode featured those with the “third” eye – those who see dead people – as guests.One of them said that whenever it is All Saints’ Day or All Souls’ Day, the souls of the dead will also be there loitering in cemeteries, waiting by […]

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return to roseman bridge

MONTHS ago, my soul sister S gave me a very special gift. She found a hardbound copy of The Bridges of Madison County in a book sale, for an incredible P10. She gave it to me, knowing I have been in search of a copy for a long time. I could just imagine all the […]

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hope springs

Our trials go on and on, seemingly no end yet in sight. A week after typhoon Ondoy ravaged most parts of Metro Manila, typhoon Pepeng overstayed in Philippine territory, causing landslides in our own province and bringing floods to Pangasinan and other Central Luzon provinces. Most of us were probably still shaking off the shock […]

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IT ALL felt so surreal, and not in a good way. This can’t be happening, I tell myself. This cannot be real. Not in a country where people are regarded as God-fearing, warm, friendly and industrious; not in a country whose citizens excel in any part of the globe – whether in the academics, in […]

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like a woman scorned

Mother Earth. Mother Nature. We associate the word “mother” with these two concepts, among others, to stress the life-giving and nurturing qualities of nature, and of the earth. We are embraced by nature, in as much the same way a mother lovingly embraces her children. We are nurtured by the richness of the earth, like […]

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