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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

the grudge

It was one of those late nights of sorting out papers and organizing stuff, which in our household lately seems to happen once in a blue moon. Everyone else was in their respective dreamlands, and to ward off the sound of nocturnal silence there is that need to just keep the television on. The problem […]

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the reader

My good friend J. left for New Jersey last August 12, for a month-long vacation with her sister who lives there. The federacion was so happy for J., not to mention envious, of her East Coast trip. “Federacion” is what we call our sisterhood (of lady lawyers plus one honorary guy member, Sir V.), “of […]

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caviar emptor

I WAS working on some documents the other night, when I came across several news items that made me twitch — and twitching is NOT something I enjoy in my couch, I tell you. I picture my couch to be as comfy and as calming as the most luxurious La-Z-Boy, and when I’m on it […]

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“it will take a lifetime”

I WAS roused from my deep slumber late Saturday morning to hear news reports blaring from the TV in the other room.At first I was shocked, thinking it was a week day and my cell phone alarm did not work. It took a few minutes to register that it was really a Saturday, and it […]

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