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Monthly Archive for May, 2009

school mom dossier (1)

LESS than a week before going back to school, the mom in me is already ablaze with so many things to do, and so little time. We now have two “graders” in the house: Kayla, our incoming Grade 5 student, and Gelai, incoming Grade 1. Now that we have decided to enroll them in different […]

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musings at summer’s end

IT SEEMS time has passed me by. Summer is about to end, and for us parents that means paying the tuition, buying books and school supplies, preparing other things our kids need for school, and the most crucial thing of all (at least for me)-it means waking up an hour earlier again to prepare my […]

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memoirs of summers past

“I CAN still recall Our last summer I still see it all Walks along the Seine Laughing in the rain Our last summer Memories that remain.” I was listening to the soundtrack of “Mamma Mia!” on my digital music player that drizzly afternoon, and this song “Our Last Summer” struck me and caused me to […]

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midlife crisis alert

With this realization, I felt like midlife crisis is kicking me in the gut.

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