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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

of april showers and growing wise

By some expected wrath of Mother Nature, we are now experiencing an absence of summer sunshine, and absolute lack of summer breeze. Wait, “experiencing an absence”? How can you possibly do that? Anyway, we seem to be making that great leap from cold Christmas time to the wet season, with only few days of warm […]

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forever young

She is descending a grand staircase filled with an assortment of flowers: red roses, white carnations and varieties of lilies, all adorning her path. She is wearing her fabulous white and gold gown and gold shoes, everything sparkling, matching her bright aura. Her hair is prepped the way she always wanted it, her face made […]

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cheap shot at chip tsao

A FEW weeks ago, Filipino citizens all over the world felt a collective outrage against Chip Tsao, a Hong Kong columnist who wrote an article entitled “The War at Home” where he ridiculed the Philippines for claiming sovereignty over the Spratlys Island, saying it is an act of flexing muscles at our “master” – China, […]

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conscientious learning

Our first born Celina Mikhaille, whom we fondly call “Kayla” placed fourth in her class. She is in Grade 4 and has been a consistent honor student since first grade. Even as a toddler, Kayla has always been a fast learner, and a very curious inquisitor on things that are sometimes too difficult to explain. […]

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