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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

my name is “nicole”

THEY say bad luck comes in threes. In our case, it’s bad news. An Austrian jury convicted Josef Fritzl to life in psychiatric prison on charges of homicide, enslavement, rape, incest, forced imprisonment and coercion in an incest drama that has shocked the whole world. Fritzl imprisoned his daughter, Elisabeth, in a rat-infested dungeon beneath […]

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moving up day

OUR second daughter Angeli Mikaelle had her Preschool Moving Up Day – modern schools’ terminology for recognition or graduation rites – last Saturday, the 14th. The program had the theme “Young Minds, Great Potentials.” Gelai has completed her pre-elementary level at Berkeley School and was cited for excellence in musical, linguistic, and bodily kinesthetic abilities. […]

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return of the barbarian

PREVIOUSLY on Serendipity Couch: I shared with you a list of unique UP experiences and was on my way to the bitter realization that I missed a lot during my college years. Let’s continue marking where applicable (don’t get your hopes up, though): [X] Took summer classes. (In UP Baguio pa.) (YES! YES! Psych 101 […]

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barbarian, and proud of it

IF YOU’RE attuned to what’s happening in the universe, then you’ve probably heard of Facebook, a social networking site. Over the weekend I’ve received (and answered) a number of entertaining quizzes (and lists!), one of which includes unique UP experiences which I want to share with you this week: Mark “X” if applicable: [ ] […]

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