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Monthly Archive for November, 2008

the “k” word

Have you experienced leaving the house in a rush, and while on your way to work or school felt like you forgot something important? You subjected your bag to a thorough search, sighed with extreme relief to see your wallet and your cellphone inside…but still, it felt like you left the house incomplete, or worse, […]

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A Piece of Heaven

In Dante’s “Inferno”, hell is described as consisting of nine circles, each with excruciating punishments for specific sinners. Heaven, on the other hand, is often described as a paradise filled with flowers, flowing brooks and millions of butterflies fluttering all around – a place where we finally meet our Creator, and our departed loved ones. […]

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the greenhorn

It must be something in the stars, or the start-of-the-year prediction that 2008 would be a bad year for transportation, or probably simply the tragedy of pride and egocentricity. Everyday this past week, the evening news carried terrible reports of vehicular accidents all over the country, with most cases happening in the streets of Metro […]

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joie de vive

What is happiness? This is one of life’s profound questions, to which most people still have not found answers. An American psychologist and writer, Martin Seligman, who is known for his contribution in the field of Positive Psychology, suggested a “happiness equation”, which is, H = S + C + V, where H= happiness; S […]

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