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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

something to remember

What will it be like if our mind functions like a computer, and memories can be “saved” to  and “deleted” from a memory chip implanted in the brain?  This is the premise of the movie “The Final Cut”, which I finally got to see over the weekend.  This film features Robin Williams, in a dead-serious […]

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the unbearable burden of nothing

The emptiness crept in one drizzling, cozy twilight while I was deeply engrossed with the Stephenie Meyer bestseller entitled – aptly, Twilight. It’s a four-part saga of love and passion between Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a mortal, in a world where vampires can thwart its thirst for human blood, and take a human being […]

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generation x(tinct) 2

We continue with our journey down memory lane, on ‘species’ endangered by today’s technology… ARTFORM. The effect of modern technology in today’s world extends to the aesthetic. Artworks are computer-enhanced. Cartoonists are aided by software that makes animation life-like. Ordinary photographs are not only taken and “developed”, they are now printed (FYI: “develop”, “negatives”, “re-copy” […]

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